I can't say enough good things about Debra. She is knowledgeable, competent, dependable, and patient--even with my older kitty who has special needs. Debra is a like a second mom to my three kitties and she seems to care about them just as much as I do. It is a great relief to know my kitties and my home are safe with Debra while I'm traveling.

Gloria, Hummelstown

Debra Farrington's Pet Sitting Etc. takes pet sitting to a whole new level. Her deep understanding of animals, combined with her passion for our pets, makes her an invaluable resource to us. Next to our vet, there is nobody I know with as much pet sense as Debra. When we go out of town we're confident that our pets are not just being let out and fed--they are being played with, taken care of, and loved. If only our dogs could write a review, they'd give Debra two paws up!

Susan, Hershey

We were so very happy with the excellent care Jody provided for our kitty. I honestly think that when we return home he came to greet us at the door and had a look on his face that almost said: "Oh, it's just you. I was hoping it would be Jody!" Our cat also loves the new toy you left him and we use it to play with him quite often. Thank you for your excellent service!

Barbara, Palmyra

Because of some physical challenges I can't walk Bailey as much as he needs to be walked, and he used to spend the day barking and driving me crazy. Debra's daily "gym time" (aka daily walks) for Bailey have changed him from being a Terrible Terrier into a loving companion. Debra is dependable, personable, reliable, and flexible in scheduling, and Bailey & I look forward to seeing her each day.

Carol, Hershey

Debra & Marley are awesome pet sitters. My dog can get wierd with outside people sometimes, and he absolutely loved having Debra and Marley come to walk and care for him while we were on vacation. I know I can always call on DFPSEI to help out with our dog if we need to leave him while we are traveling. Thanks, Debra, for providing a much needed service in this area. Debra gets a double thumbs up in my book.

Terri, Palmyra

Vecause of all the attention you and Barbara gave to our dog while we were away I don't think she even missed us. She barely looked up when we came in the door. I was so happy to see her that I scooped her up and was kissing her all over the face. She yawned and wanted to go back to bed! She woke up later and wanted all the kisses, but she was totally relaxed and not frantic. That told me a lot about her care while we were away! Thank you so much for all you have done for our family. What a marvelous service you provide. I am recommending you to all my friends and family and any strangers who will listen.

Becky, Palmyra

We're really thankful that we found you and your great team of pet sitters. We've told lots of friends about you, and can't say enough about how happy we've been each time you and your colleagues have taken care of our cats. We know they're in great hands when we're away!

Jenny, Hummelstown

In so many ways, I am grateful for your services... I am especially thankful for the recent e-newsletter which included an article on dog bloat: signs, symptoms and treatment. Today, I came home to a situation with Cabby, where I quickly assessed symptoms resembling bloat. I took her to the vet immediately and, it was the best thing I could have done (my vet even said so!). Thanks to the article in your e-newsletter, I knew time was of the essence and this was not something to "wait and see" about.

Deborah - Hummelstown

Your business, especially Marley, has made our life bearable since moving here.  You have made it possible for us to leave town and not worry about our dogs.  For that we are most grateful.

Karen - Hummelstown

When leaving my cat in another person's care and "hands," trust is THE issue for me. Will the cat sitter "GET" or understand my rescued kitty's needs and nuances, respond to her "special needs" feeding issues, take the required time to play and cuddle with her? Barbara Dullen, of Debra Farrington's staff, has provided extraordinary, knowledgeable and loving care for my kitty; she is truly the "cat whisperer." She and Debra also trim my cat's "nails" in my home so I've had the opportunity to watch their interaction with my cat and my cat's response to them. My cat despises being "messed with," can be ferocious (taking her to the vet is a cat howling, spitting and trembling nightmare) but Barbara and Debra can calm her down in a minute. Quite special. I am comfortable leaving my wonderful cat in their wonderful care for short to long periods of time. I feel blessed to know and trust Barbara and Debra. My cat loves them. I highly recommend their services no matter the level of separation anxiety for the pet OR the pet owner.

Pat, Hershey PA

Debra provides excellent pet sitting services. Her team is very accommodating and reliable. As a nurse, my schedule can be a little crazy and last minute at times but Debra always makes sure to accomodate care for my two spaniels. I also can be unsure about having someone else in my home but Debra's services put me at ease. I have been able to meet everyone and have never had any problems. I like how the pet sitters leave a detail note about each visit which includes any possible concerns regarding the dogs. I specifically use the dog walking services which is a really good service that allows my dogs to get a nice walk while I work my 12 hour shifts at the medical center. I have had pet sitters in the past with experiences ranging from poor to ok. Debra has far exceeded my expectations and I would honestly recommend her to anyone.

Jason - Hershey

I can not begin to tell you how wonderful an experience it has been working with you.  You are so kind and professional, and always go above and beyond.  I have felt so much better knowing that you and Carrie and Lynn are keeping my dogs safe and happy. 

Ami - Hummelstown