Our Services

The following services are available from us:

Vacation/Business travel visits: One to four visits a day while you're away on vacation or traveling on business.  During that time we will exercise, feed, water, play with, and clean up after your pets, and provide care for your home as well. If you have a feral colony we are happy to feed them as well.  A daily diary of our activities will greet you when you return, and anytime you want to know how things are going just give a call or text us! If you would like a quick daily email or text saying things are fine, just ask.

**Minimums on visits: Our minimum # of visits per day for cats is 1, and for dogs 2. This is for the healthy and safety of your pets and also the security of your home.

Midday dog walks: For busy pet parents with dogs who need some exercise and/or potty time during the day. Occasional and regular walks available. Unless dogs are very young and not yet potty trained, we offer walks within 2 hour windows, 9 - 11 am, 11-1, 1-3 pm. For very young dogs who are being potty trained we will do our best to be there at a specific time. For other dog walks, we guarantee walks within our 2-hour windows.

Companion Visit: Unlike many other pet sitters who work alone, we have enough staff that we can give your pets the people-time they need or want.  Companion visits are extended evening visits beginning around 6 pm and lasting 2 hours. These are wonderful add-ons to some of your visits if you are away from home for an extended period of time, or as a less-expensive way to provide companionship for animals that don't need full overnights. Please reserve these visits well in advance - they go quickly!

Overnight Care: We have a very limited number of overnights available. Sitter is at your home from  7 pm to 7 am approximately.

Pawspice Care: A special service for pet sitting animals nearing the end of their lives. Because many of these animals need extra care, or may need medical care only certain members of our staff provide these services.