视频 2021年5月19日

拥抱重振|Raul Leal,Virgin Group

Raul Leal将他在今年的维尔京酒店掌舵的角色留下了下一个挑战,应该没有惊喜。“这是一家相信重振的公司,”Leal说。十多年前,Leal首次聘请是维尔京酒店的首席执行官,将PowerPoint演示变为现实。今天,他坐落在圣母董事会董事会,向维尔京公司的完整投资组合提供战略监督。在底线之外的这一集,Leal描述了他团队中的Richard Branson的位置。“他的哲学真的雇用了最有才华的人,让他们做到他们的事情,”股票偏爱。“他总是给实际完成工作的人民币。”部分处女集团领导战略一直是推动一个观点。当它来到这个星球的事项时,团队的POV是实施CSR配额并不差不多。他们想实际教育他们的团队是关于碳足迹的方式,如何计算它,以及如何缩小它,以便将那个知识的家庭及其社区带到他们的社区,并影响真正的变化。“知识就是力量,”莱尔说。“我认为很多时间,那种信息留在顶部,它需要下来。”这个星球只是指导维尔京组的愿景的三个PS的一个元素:人和合作伙伴围绕三方面。 So when Leal was building the Virgin Hotels team from the ground up, finding people who bought into the purpose was P1. In this tell-all interview, he shares his strategy behind a true people-first company, his predictions for a post- pandemic hospitality sector, and more. #// Beyond the Bottom Line// Conversations with category leadersLearn from leaders of the world’s most reputable brands as they share the proudest moments, greatest obstacles, and most impactful lessons of their careers.From overcoming crises, to rebuilding internal culture, these intimate 30-minute conversations are packed with valuable insights for today’s World of Work.In a brand new video podcast series, Bert E. Miller connects with leaders across categories to discuss what their proudest achievements, greatest challenges, and where they focus their energy each day. Tune in for countless valuable lessons that can be applied to today’s World of Work.With over 34 years of leadership experience in the talent access arena, Bert currently serves as CEO of Protis Global and ace Talent Curators, Co-Founder of BCC Media, and President and CEO of MRINetwork, a network-centric recruitment organization that offers consulting, training, contract staffing, and community building to over 325 search firms worldwide.Bert’s expertise in search and recruitment dates back to 1995, when he co-founded Protis Global, an MRINetwork member and award-winning search and recruitment firm specializing in the F&B, CPG, cannabis, and hospitality industries. Protis Global has built some of the most iconic brands in the CPG space — including Red Bull North America, Diageo, and Hostess.