视频 2021年6月3日

这种经验是答案:Dominique Pibia-de Groot,DG Hospitality

Dominique Pibia-de Groot是DG Hospitality的所有者,这是一家荷兰公司,该公司培训了酒店队伍,以创造令人难忘的经验,并建议酒店内的议院行业如何改善他们的客户旅程。当我们正在讨论这一集时,我们的谈话转向了the state of hotel and restaurant openings as pandemic restrictions are lifted and whether or not businesses should in fact reopen at 100% when they’re allowed to do so.A robust discussion became a full show about customer service, creating emotional and practical experiences and working with limited resources.At the end of the day, we find that focusing on the fundamentals will see us through the next year or more as we get back to normal life.